I sat on a chair in another store, sat down on the floor, and ate… Vietnamese K-food craze

Lotte Mall Westlake Hanoi 4th floor on the 22nd of last month. A truly unique scene was created at the Lotteria store. As there was not enough space to sit in the store, customers brought chairs nearby and sat down, or some even sat down on the floor to eat their food. An official from Lotte GRS , which operates restaurant franchise brands such as Lotteria, Angel-in-us, and Krispy Kreme Donuts, said, “Lotteria is a very popular brand in Vietnam,” and added, “The Westlake branch has only recently opened, but it ranks second in sales in Vietnam. “It is receiving such a great response from visitors that it has taken over,” he said.

The popularity of K-food was confirmed throughout Westlake. ‘K -Flavor ’ , a Korean food specialty restaurant on the 3rd floor of the shopping mall, was serving a variety of Korean food such as Ichadol, Sura, and Don Chicken, and there was a long line of locals gathered to taste Korean food . The first Vietnamese branch of Lee Chadol, a Korean brisket specialty restaurant, had difficulty finding empty seats due to Vietnamese customers, and ‘Duki’, an instant tteokbokki buffet restaurant that also introduced localized menu items such as fried chicken, rice balls, and japchae, was named among the top 10 sales brands.

K-food was also very popular at Lotte Mart on the first basement floor. In line with the Vietnamese environment where eating out culture has become widespread, ‘Yorihada Kitchen’, a specialized store that cooks and sells Korean food on the spot, was selling representative메이저놀이터 Korean menu items such as tteokbokki, gimbap, seasoned chicken, and bulgogi. The 140-seat space, where customers who purchased food could eat right away, was crowded with people. Customers enjoying food on mats were also noticed. The waiting time was so long that many customers switched to takeout. Cooking Kitchen stores are receiving positive responses by designing the kitchen counters in an open manner so that customers can directly check the food cooking process, and the company explains that products such as tteokbokki and fried chicken are sold out.

A Lotte Mart official said, “Last March, we invited five chefs from Vietnam’s FIL ( Food Innovation Lab ) to Korea and conducted product development training conducted by Lotte Mart’s professional chefs.” He added, “We will increase the competitiveness of Vietnam’s ready-to-cook stores and develop Lotte Mart’s FIC . “The goal was to convey the original taste of K-food in Vietnam by passing on the K-food recipe developed by the (Food Innovation Center ) , ” he added. Cooking Kitchen’s K food is Korean FICApproximately 50 types of K-food are being sold at the Westlake branch, which uses recipes developed by . In addition, customers continued to visit Lotte Mart’s own bakery brand ‘Gamiso’ and pizza brand ‘Cheese & Dough’.

K has also been incorporated into processed food stores and livestock corners. Lotte Mart has also set up a section in its processed food store that emphasizes K products. ‘Lotte Station’ introduced exclusive products from Korea’s Lotte Well Food and consisted of Lotte Mart’s own brand ( PB ) ‘Today’s Good’ and ‘Cooking’ products. A Lotte Mart official said, “Last July, we dispatched livestock and fishery specialized employees from Korea to the Westlake branch, and are passing on Korean livestock and fishery care techniques to local employees.” He added, “Through this, we are able to sell livestock and fishery products in bulk.” “We have added Korean-style grooming products and services to the Vietnamese sales method of displaying and selling, allowing people to experience Korean supermarket culture,” he explained.

Lotte Mart Westlake Branch has been receiving excellent response from Vietnamese customers immediately after opening and is achieving excellent performance. From September 8 to 10, it achieved top sales at Lotte Mart in Vietnam. The average number of daily visitors is approximately 20,000, which is more than twice the average number of weekend visitors to other Lotte Mart stores in Vietnam.

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