The basic subway fare in the metropolitan area increases to 1,400 won from the 7th.

The basic subway fare operating in Seoul and other metropolitan areas will rise from 1,250 won to 1,400 won from the 7th.

The changed fares apply equally to all subway sections in the metropolitan area.

This is reporter Park Gwang-sik’s report.


The basic subway fare in the metropolitan area will rise by 150 won, from the current 1,250 won to 1,400 won.

The youth fare will increase by 80 won to 800 won, and the child fare will increase by 50 won to 500 won.

The application period will be from the first session on the 7th.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that in accordance with the metropolitan area subway fare adjustment, the fare increase will be applied simultaneously to all subway sections in the metropolitan메이저놀이터 area, including Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi, and KORAIL.

The one-time ticket will also increase by 150 won to 1,500 won, like the basic transportation card fare.

The fare for 60-use commuter passes operated by metropolitan subways will also increase.

It is divided into levels 1 to 18 depending on the distance used, and the price of a Seoul-only level 1 commuter pass increases from 55,000 won to 61,600 won.

Level 18 is adjusted from 117,800 won to 123,400 won.

However, subway passes recharged before the next 7 days can be used at the existing fare within 30 days from the date of recharge, up to 60 times.

In addition, fare-related benefits such as metropolitan area integrated transfer discounts and early morning discounts will remain the same.

However, as the basic fare varies depending on public transportation, it is recommended to check fare-related policies in advance.

Detailed fare information can be found on the websites of subway operators such as Seoul Transportation Corporation, the Tota app, and station information.

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