Adams gave an interesting counterattack to the free throw question

The Memphis Grizzlies’ starting center was asked about free throws.

According to Drew Hill, reporter for 『The Daily Memphian』, Memphis’ ‘Big Kiwi’ Steven Adams (center, 211cm, 120kg) responded with a funny joke when asked about free throws.

Adams was asked about free throws during Memphis’ media event ahead of preparations for the upcoming 2023-2024 season. The question of whether to use the backboard like a Korean player when attempting a free throw was raised.

He replied, “There are times when I try it unintentionally,” and “I’ve tried it several times,” and asked if he was actually Korean. When the questioner answered, Adams asked, “Is it North Korea? “Is it South Korea?” he asked. After that, everyone was silent. The press conference room at the time became quiet due to his cheerful(?) joke.

For reference, Adams visited Korea in the summer of 2018. He found a close friend in Korea, and in the meantime, he sweated it out at Samsung’s practice range in Seoul to practice. During practice, he showed amazing dribbling skills and unusual body movements.

In other words, he already knows Korea well. He is well aware of Korea’s divided situation and our current situation. It appears that Adams토토사이트 had fun answering questions about free throw attempts. However, perhaps it was because he was usually serious and boasted of a great appearance, it is presumed that his answer made everyone feel cold(?).

Adams had his worst free throw percentage since entering the NBA last season. Although he was unable to play many games due to injury, he played 27 minutes per game in 42 games, scoring 8.6 points (.597.000.364), 11.5 rebounds, 2.3 assists, and 1.1 blocks. Surprisingly, his free throw percentage was only about half his field goal percentage.

His personal regular season free throw success rate is only 53.6%. However, he shot just 36.4 percent last season. The free throw success rate fell below 50% for the first time in the 2020-2021 season. It stayed at 44.4%. Moreover, last season the success rate did not exceed 40%.

In the NBA, each team holds a media event in its hometown. During the press conference, the key player revealed how he has prepared for the upcoming season and fielded various questions from reporters. Since Adams’ free throws are important to Memphis, it is presumed that questions were raised locally about whether he would improve.

Coincidentally, a question was asked, ‘Like a Korean player?’ and Adams had fun answering, ‘Is it the South?’ However, perhaps because the local audience did not properly hear Adams’s joking response, his witty remarks(?) caused everyone to fall silent for a moment.

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