“My sister-in-law is criticizing me for feeding my 5th grade nephew canned tuna. Did I do something wrong?”

The story was revealed that he got into an argument with his sister-in-law after feeding canned tuna to his elementary school nephew. This is due to concerns that canned tuna has a high mercury content and has a negative effect on growth, but netizens who heard the story agreed that the sister-in-law’s reaction was excessive.

On the 4th, an article titled ‘Is feeding canned tuna to a 5th grade child such a bad thing?’ was posted on an online community.

Author A recently received a request from his sister-in-law to look after her nephew, a 5th grade elementary school boy, and took care of the child for nearly a day. Mr. A mixed rice with canned tuna, lettuce, and red pepper paste and shared it with his nephew.

However, my sister-in-law met Mr. A during this Chuseok and asked, “How can you feed your child canned tuna that is unhealthy? “It’s too much,” he said. The reason is that canned tuna is not good for adults, but it is wrong to feed it to growing children.

Mr. A’s sister-in-law said, “The child is short, so we are giving him herbal medicine,” adding, “The vinegar is a lump of sugar and the canned tuna is also poison. What happens if I give you expensive herbal medicine? “There is no help from the side,” he complained.

Mr. A said, “Will I die if I eat canned tuna? “She was so irritated that she complained to her sister-in-law, ‘Then why did you have to give the child a honma guro (bluefin tuna)?’ ‘How could you do this to me after giving the child away for free?’” Then my sister-in-law responded, “Did you feed me that kind of food just because I didn’t pay you for babysitting?”

Mr. A said, “Did I do that wrong? Is it such a bad thing to feed your child tuna? “I’m really very upset,” he said, seeking opinions from netizens.

Netizens who heard the story said, “If you’re going to interfere that much, why leave the child in charge? “Shouldn’t he have been paid to buy healthy food or at least packed a lunch and sent it to him?” “I don’t 메이저사이트know what’s wrong with feeding tuna to a child in the 5th grade of elementary school, not even 5 months old. They showed reactions such as “I’m curious about what kind of food that child usually eats” and “You’ve taken the opportunity to not see the child in the future.”

Canned tuna is a high-protein food that is easy to eat and easy to store, making it a popular holiday gift. However, due to the nature of tuna growing in deep water, it is known to have a high mercury content, so many people feel uncomfortable eating it.

Methylmercury is a chemical that affects the central nervous system and is the most toxic of the various forms of mercury. When mercury accumulates in the body, it can affect the central and peripheral nervous systems. Additionally, neurotoxicity such as dysarthria, hearing loss, and narrowing of the field of view may occur.

However, the relevant authorities explain that canned tuna is safe to eat. According to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, canned tuna, whose main ingredient is skipjack tuna, has an average methylmercury content of 0.04㎍ /g , which is similar to that of common fish such as mackerel. It is safe for children aged 1 to 2 years to consume 15g of canned tuna at a time, or less than 100g (1 small can of tuna) per week. Children aged 7 to 10 should eat less than 250g, and pregnant women should eat less than 400g per week.

If you are still worried about mercury, eating vegetables or grains rich in fiber can help. In the process of fiber being discharged, mercury may also be adsorbed and escaped.

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