‘Crayon Shin-chan’s mom’ confesses to struggling with cancer… “I was sentenced to 2 years to live and underwent surgery.”

Voice actor Kang Hee-seon, who played the role of메이저사이트 Crayon Shin-chan’s mother in the animation ‘Crayon Shin-chan’, revealed that she was suffering from cancer.

Ms. Kang appeared in a video posted on the 27th of last month by the YouTube channel ‘Doctor Who Sees the Liver’, and belatedly shared her story of fighting the disease after confirming liver metastasis of colon cancer for the first time in 2021.

At first diagnosis, he was given two years to live. Seventeen multiple liver metastatic lesions were discovered. He expressed his gratitude to the surgeon who operated on him, saying, “(At the previous hospital) I said, ‘I’ll live for about two years.’” He said, “If it weren’t for you, I would have died.”

Mr. Kang received chemotherapy about 40 times and surgery twice. He even moved the hospital from Seoul to another area.

Currently, he has undergone surgery to remove all 17 liver metastatic lesions, and his CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen) level is said to be at a normal level. He said that although he had improved a year after the surgery, he still had aftereffects of chemotherapy, such as swelling in his body.

He also expressed his love for ‘Crayon Shin-chan’. He said, “I recorded Crayon Shin-chan even after the surgery,” and “I recorded the movie version of Crayon Shin-chan for 14 hours and 30 minutes and couldn’t get up for four days (because it was so difficult).”

Mr. Kang debuted as a voice actor in KBS’ 15th open recruitment in 1979. In foreign films, he made his voice known by providing the voices of actresses Sharon Stone and Julia Roberts. In particular, she played the role of Bong Mi-seon, Crayon Shin-chan’s mother, in the animation ‘Crayon Crayon Shin-chan’. She is a voice widely known to the public as she is in charge of train announcements for urban railways and metropolitan railways operated by Seoul Transportation Corporation and Busan Transportation Corporation.

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