For the first time since the introduction of the hearing system… ‘Unprecedented’ candidate withdrawal and non-attendance

As you saw earlier, two unprecedented events occurred in the National Assembly today (the 6th). Let’s talk more with Politics Reporter Ryu Jeong-hwa.

First, let’s talk about Kim Haeng, the candidate for Minister of Gender Equality and Family. While the hearing was held until dawn, was there any clear explanation?


That’s not true. In the past, when he was working at the Blue House, he sold company stocks to his sister-in-law to avoid a blind trust, so-called ‘stock parking’, coin holdings, and suspicions about his close relationship with First Lady Kim Kun-hee.

Rather than objectively resolve the suspicions by submitting data, candidate Kim responded by telling the opposition party to “prove the illegality” and “report”, sparking controversy over his attitude. See for yourself.

[Kim Haeng/Candidate for Minister of Gender Equality and Family: You must prove to me that it was illegal when I sold stocks at the time.]

[Kim Haeng/Candidate for Minister of Gender Equality and Family: There is no concealment of assets. Don’t be misled like that. {Why are you not reporting it?} My daughter is not subject to asset disclosure right now.]


A scene like this was played out, and eventually the candidate left the hearing. I think this is my first time seeing this. Is this the first time in 23 years?


Yes, personnel hearings were first introduced in 2000, and it has now been 23 years. This is something that is unprecedented.

Although the opposition party voted alone, the candidate did not appear when the hearing was held again today.


Are there any legal problems if I do that?


The Personnel Hearing Act does not have any provisions regarding the attendance of candidates.

Since the hearing itself was premised on the candidate’s attendance, it appears that the situation itself was not taken into consideration when creating the law.

Because of this, the Democratic Party even argued today, “There is no way to force candidates to attend, so the law must be changed.”


I don’t think anyone imagined something like this would happen when the law was made. Another unprecedented event was that Lee Kyun-yong, a candidate for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, failed to run in the National Assembly. Although the fall from the horse itself happened 35 years ago, isn’t it unprecedented in history for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to remain vacant for such a long time?


This is the first time since 1988, right after democratization, when Supreme Court Chief Justice candidate Jeong Ki-seung failed in the ruling party opposition.

The ruling party is criticizing that the public has suffered damage due to the judicial head vacuum, but the opposition party is countering that President Yoon brought this upon himself by appointing an unqualified토토사이트 person.

Some in the ruling party are also pointing out that the explanation by the Supreme Court Chief Justice candidate and incumbent judge that he “did not know the law” even though he omitted to report 1 billion won in assets and evaded gift tax was an excuse for the rejection.


The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must be voted on by the National Assembly, but it seems the President will push ahead with the appointment of the remaining ministers, right?


Yes, the appointment of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was halted because a vote of the National Assembly was required, but it is highly likely that the minister will be appointed as is even without the consent of the opposition party, as was the case in the previous appointment of 16 high-ranking officials.

Starting with the appointment of Minister of National Defense Shin Won-sik tomorrow, it is expected that candidate Kim Haeng will also be appointed regardless of the outcome of the hearing.

If this happens, the conflict between the ruling and opposition parties over the presidential appointment will inevitably intensify in a situation where there is a vacuum in the head of the judiciary.

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