‘Pokemon’ urban Seoul… crowded with families and foreign tourists enjoying the game

Seoul landmarks such as Ssamziegil in Insa-dong, Namsan Seoul Tower Plaza, and Hyundai Outlet Dongdaemun branch were crowded with Pokémon Go trainers. In addition to family visitors where parents and children enjoyed playing games together, foreign tourists from all over the world, including North America, Europe, and Taiwan, came to participate in this event held in Seoul.

Niantic held ‘Pokemon Go City Safari: Seoul’ across Seoul for two days on the 7th and 8th. This is an event where Pokémon Go users travel around event sites set at local landmarks or local attractions, catch and explore limited edition Pokémon that appear specially. The Safari Zone event held at Ilsan Lake Park last year was expanded to cover the entire city this year and was held for the first time in Seoul.

Pokémon Go trainers assist Dr. Willow and Eevee in researching Pokémon that appear during the event. In the Jung-gu area of ​​Seoul, trainers레고토토 wearing Pikachu and Eevee sun visors were seen walking along Pokestops. A festive atmosphere was created with the participation of YouTubers who are well-known for playing Pokémon Go.

Due to the nature of the Pokemon Go game, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages while walking down the street, participation in family events was prominent. The sight of parents and children actively communicating and making memories while catching Pokémon attracted attention.

Based on cooperation between Seoul Jung-gu Office and the Dongdaemun Fashion Town Special Tourism Zone Council, it also enjoyed the effect of promoting foreign tourist visits. An American participant who visited Korea for the first time with four college friends for this event said, “I bought plane tickets in advance and waited for it in July when Niantic announced that City Safari: Seoul would be held. “It was nice to be able to experience a different atmosphere and Korean culture while playing Pokemon Go,” he said.

Niantic did not disclose the specific number of visitors participating in Pokémon Go City Safari: Seoul. However, it is estimated that last year’s Goyang Safari Zone attracted well over 33,200 people. The revitalization of commercial districts and economic spin-off effects are also expected through foreign tourist visits.

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