DB’s triple post adds power… “There will be a synergy effect”

“It can get better.”

Professional basketball DB chose triple post (a strategy메이저사이트 of using three tall players at the same time) as a key combination for the 2023-2024 season. DB coach Kim Joo-seong (44) forms various combinations centered around Kim Jong-gyu (32) and Kang Sang-jae (29).

Kim Jong-gyu, who was called up to the national team throughout the off-season, returned to the team and began working together in earnest. On the 10th, in the first game of the KBL Cup against Sangmu, he showed off his ‘triple post’ in earnest. Coach Kim said, “(Kim) Jong-gyu came back and it was his first game. “We are experimenting with various combinations centered on Jong-gyu and (Kang) Sang-jae,” he explained.

Kang Sang-jae’s position change runs towards success. He was given the role of small forward and was expanding his radius of action on the outskirts. Kang Sang-jae lost weight during his off-season to improve his adaptability to his changed role. Director Kim said, “It takes time to form a union and operate it in practice. First of all, Sangjae is playing the role of number 3 (small forward) well. During field training in Japan, our play was better than it is now. “Still, the players’ chemistry was good,” he said. “Sangjae is doing better than I worried about in number 3.” “Now he only orders attacks from the outside and follows the defense well,” he said.

He continued, “(Didrick) Lawson is a very smart player. He can play on the perimeter and has a good ability to score in one-on-one situations. He was confident that if he continued to match the combination, he would get better.”

Kim Jong-gyu also showed confidence. Coexistence with Kang Sang-jae also finds stability as time passes. DB’s ‘Triple Post’ has become more powerful than before. Kim Jong-gyu said, “It will be tiring for the opponent. “All three are players who can shoot and are not slow,” he said, adding, “If we pay attention to each situation, we can produce better plays.”

I had confidence in the ‘triple post’ proposed by coach Kim Joo-seong. He said, “I used it briefly last season. “Now, even when I’m not there, they prepare assuming I’m there,” he said. “Director Kim Joo-seong is very meticulous. He’s coming along well. He expressed his expectations, saying, “I expect a synergy effect over time.”

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