‘Han Dong-hoon’s knife play’ claimed by dog ​​daughters… Strange figure caught on CCTV

What kind of strange intrusion into a residential-commercial complex where even elevators require a dedicated card?” “It smells like a self-made play.” This is the reaction of Gaetal (a strong supporter of the Democratic Party of Korea) who heard the news that someone left a weapon in front of Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon’s home. There was even suspicion among the girls that it was a ‘self-imposed act’, but the back of the criminal who did this was captured on CCTV . In CCTV footage obtained by TV

Chosun on the 13th , an unidentified person was seen crouching in front of the front door of a minister’s home and putting something down on the floor with his right hand. Even though it was from behind, what this person was doing was exactly caught on CCTV . The suspect is known to have moved to the entrance of a minister’s house using passageways and stairs that do not have CCTV inside the apartment. However, it appears that they were unable to avoid CCTV footage in front of Minister Han’s home entrance. According to the police메이저놀이터, Suseo Police Station in Seoul is tracking an unknown suspect, Mr. A, who left items such as a knife and a ignition torch in front of the entrance of a minister’s home around 3 a.m. on the 11th. The apartment complex where Minister Han lives is difficult for outsiders to access. The police plan to book and investigate the suspect on charges of home invasion and threats. Coincidentally, the day the crime occurred was the day Minister Han was scheduled to attend the Ministry of Justice’s government audit held by the Legislation and Judiciary Committee at the National Assembly.

As soon as this news was announced, voices from Lee Jae-myeong’s fan cafe, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, raised suspicions that this was a ‘self-made play’. Users of ‘Jaemyung’s Village’ responded to the related news by saying, “It is also true that the news comes out at once, so it is highly likely that it is an original drama.” “It smells like burning birch trees.” “I vote for Jujak (an original drama). “They’re trying to attract aggro.” “I don’t even believe it.” “Is the residential-commercial complex really that shabby? “(The authenticity) is very doubtful,” he said.

Even at the DC Inside Democratic Party Gallery, the main reactions were, “It’s my own work,” and “It smells like a self-made play.”

The reaction was similar in the pro-Ya community. One Cliang user said, “Minister Han lives in a secure place, but he went in there? “I just don’t understand,” he wrote. Comments on this article included, “It looks like there is a high possibility of it being a self-made drama,” “It seems like it’s a fabrication,” “If you’re going to write a novel, write it with sincerity,” and “It would be okay to make the CCTV public .” At 82Cook, the response was, “Even if something like that happens to a minister of a country, I can’t help but wonder if it’s a ‘self-made play.’” “Everyone seems to think it’s a self-made play.”

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