YouTuber Kim Yong-ho found dead in Busan… Estimation of extreme selection 

A YouTuber who is scheduled to be interrogated before arrest on charges of taking money from celebrities in exchange for not exposing his weaknesses, and was recently indicted on charges of forcible harassment and received a suspended sentence. Yongho Kim was found dead in a hotel in Busan.

According to the police on the 12th, Mr. Kim was found dead at around 12:45 pm on the terrace space on the 4th floor of a hotel in Haeundae-gu, Busan.

A hotel employee found Mr. Kim dead and reported it to the fire department and police.

The police believe that Mr. Kim made an extreme choice and are investigating the exact circumstances while controlling the scene.

It is known that Mr. Kim has been staying alone in a room on the 11th floor of this hotel since the previous day.

Mr. Kim was being investigated by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Violent Crime Investigation Unit on charges of extorting money from celebrities in exchange for not exposing their weaknesses, and메이저놀이터 an arrest warrant was requested.

Since August 2020, he is accused of receiving financial compensation by threatening to reveal negative content to multiple celebrities on his YouTube channel and then covering it up.

An interrogation of the suspect (substantive warrant review) before arrest was scheduled on the 11th, but it was postponed because the schedule overlapped with the sentencing hearing on charges of forcibly molesting a woman at a Haeundae restaurant in 2019.

At the sentencing hearing on charges of forcible harassment held at Dongbu Branch in Busan, he was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years of probation.

During the trial, Mr. Kim denied the charges, saying, “It was light skinship in a friendly atmosphere,” and the day before, he published the forcible harassment conviction on his Facebook page.

A video containing Mr. Kim’s voice was posted on a YouTube channel shortly before his death, but it has now been deleted.

In the video, Mr. Kim said, “As a result, it was because I mismanaged myself,” and “I thought it would be nice if I disappeared so other people wouldn’t have a hard time.”

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Violent Crime Investigation Unit, which was in charge of investigating allegations of blackmail, plans to close the investigation with ‘no right to prosecute’ in the case resulting from Mr. Kim’s death.

Mr. Kim is a former sports world reporter who appeared on famous YouTube channels and also ran his own channel called ‘Kim Yong-ho, Entertainment Manager.’

He mainly exposed entertainment industry and politicians, and was subject to various rumors and was sued and accused of defamation.

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