No, who was filming the prosecutor’s coordinates, attacked judge Lee Jae-myeong for dismissing the warrant, saying it was “undermining democracy”

The Democratic Party of Korea said on the 15th, “Attacks of taking coordinates and stealing personal information against the judiciary are continuing,” and “This is possible because the People Power Party took the lead in taking coordinates.” The opposition party, which was previously criticized for ‘taking the coordinates of the prosecutor’, claimed that the attack on the judge was ‘taking the coordinates of the ruling party’.

In a statement issued in the name of the Prosecution Dictatorship and Political Oppression Countermeasures Committee on this day, the Democratic Party said, “There are wreaths of condolences lined up around the Supreme Court building, criticizing and swearing at Judge Yoo Chang-hoon, who dismissed the arrest warrant for Representative Lee.” “These are the wreaths that I take care of,” he said. He continued, “Doxing attacks are possible because there are people who took the lead in taking coordinates, and that party is the ruling party, the People Power Party.” He continued, “The ruling party and far-right groups repeatedly insult and criticize judges as if they are one body. “He claimed.

The Democratic Party cited as examples statements such as “I want to respect the judiciary’s decisions, but I cannot respect this at all” (Representative Kim Ki-hyun) and “This is the result of giving in to pressure from the Democratic Party and its hard-core supporters” (Leader Yoon Jae-ok). At the same time, he said, “Rep. Lee Yong-ho even mentioned impeachment of the judge.먹튀검증” The case of Judge Park Byeong-gon, who caused controversy by sentencing Rep. Jeong Jin-seok to an unusually heavy sentence, was also mentioned. The Democratic Party said, “The People Power Party must stop riots that undermine the separation of powers, democracy, and constitutional order.”

In response to this, it is pointed out that “the Democratic Party’s criticism of ‘marking coordinates’ is ‘naeronambul’.” The Democratic Party has previously been criticized for creating and releasing the real names of prosecutors as data several times, calling it “targeting hard-core supporters.” Last July, the real names of four prosecutors, including the Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office, the second deputy chief, the 6th criminal chief, and the deputy chief of the Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office who are investigating the Ssangbangwool remittance case to North Korea, were made public in the form of an organizational chart. At the end of last year, the identity of 16 prosecutors investigating suspicions of Daejangdong, Ssangbangul, and Seongnam FC was revealed, including their real names, affiliations, and photos.

The Democratic Party led the passage of the impeachment bill against Prosecutor Ahn Dong-wan on the 21st of last month. There was also ‘taking coordinates’ towards the judge. Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Yong-min said that when former Dongyang University professor Kyung-sim Chung was sentenced to four years in prison for charges of corruption in children’s entrance exams in 2020, Chief Judge Lim Jeong-yeop, who was the presiding judge, said, “In the judge’s inspection document, ‘rather than having a clear subjectivity, he was influencing public opinion or the surrounding atmosphere. “It is written that it receives a lot of reviews,” he wrote on Facebook.

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