Jo Jeong-hoon, “Victim of roundhouse kick, waited for 3 months to call Dong-hoon Han… “Sudden apology to Korea after seeing the video”

It was confirmed that Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon promised to prevent a recurrence of the incident in relation to the recent ‘Busan roundhouse kick’ incident in which the victim received threats of retaliation from the perpetrator.

On the 19th, Rep. Cho Jung-hoon, a member of the Changing Times, said on Channel A radio’s ‘Political Signal’, “On the 11th, the National Assembly Inspector General pointed out that support for victims was insufficient in relation to the roundhouse kick incident, and a minister called the victim the next day and apologized.”

Representative Cho said, “Victim A said to our office, ‘During the trial, only the perpetrator seems to be protecting human rights, and메이저놀이터 I, the victim, seem to be abandoned. “(The victim) applied for a conversation with Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon, but was told, ‘It’s been on standby for three months.’ “I wondered if this made sense, so I showed the footage (of the interview with the victim) at the National Assembly and asked him to say something to the minister, and he immediately apologized,” he said.

He said, “The next day, a minister called me and said, ‘I want to apologize to this person. ‘What do you think?’ he said, ‘that’s a great idea. I said, ‘I think it’s courage if you can do it,’ and he really made the call,” he explained.

According to Victim A, a minister called him to apologize and said he was looking at the situation more closely since the perpetrator was imprisoned.

Mr. A said, “Minister Han said, ‘I will do my best to prevent anything to worry about in the future,’” and added, “I am taking extra care of the situation after (the perpetrator) was imprisoned.” He went on to say, “I said I would do my best to ensure proper incarceration and prevent any wasted efforts to avoid anything to worry about.”

In addition, a minister responded to Mr. A’s point that there are many institutional shortcomings for crime victims, saying, ‘We will look into it closely.’

Mr. A said, “I am trying to improve the system with the determination that I will die in 20 years,” and added, “There is not even a two-way notification smartwatch service established, so in the current state, I have no choice but to die.” In response, Minister Han responded, “It may take quite some time, but we are basically trying to go in the direction (that you mentioned),” adding, “Since these are words from someone who has personally experienced them, we will take them more seriously and reflect them as much as possible.” .

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