Japan carried 18 Koreans on a Self-Defense Force transport plane… ‘Free evacuation’ reward

The Japanese government put 18 Koreans on board안전놀이터 a Self-Defense Force transport plane deployed to evacuate its citizens remaining in Israel. The transport plane departing from Israel is scheduled to arrive in Japan via Jordan and elsewhere. According to Kyodo News, Japan’s Ministry of Defense announced on the 20th (local time) that the Air Self-Defense Force KC767

aerial refueling transport plane, carrying 83 people, including Japanese and Koreans, departed from Israel and arrived in Jordan. The nationalities of the passengers were 60 Japanese and their 4 foreign nationality family members, 18 Koreans and 1 Korean foreign nationality family member. The Japanese government is said to have inquired with Korea about whether local Koreans could board the plane in case there was room to board the plane. Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa had a telephone discussion with Foreign Minister Park Jin on the 15th and confirmed their plans to cooperate in the evacuation of their citizens. This measure by the Japanese government is a kind of ‘repayment’. On the 14th, the Korean government allowed 51 Japanese citizens and their families to board a military transport plane operated to evacuate its citizens from Israel for free. Unlike the chartered flights that caused controversy over ‘paid evacuation’, the Japanese government does not require any fees from passengers on this transport. The Japanese government previously faced public criticism for charging 30,000 yen (approximately 270,000 won) to board a charter flight from a Japanese person who wanted to leave Israel. This transport plane is scheduled to arrive at Tokyo Haneda Airport in the early morning of the 21st after a stopover.

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