“Why do I see you in handcuffs?”… Lee Sun-gyun’s past shaman video is brought to light after an internal investigation into drug use allegations

 “Why can I see you handcuffed? It wasn’t your own will, but by someone else. Why do I suddenly see you handcuffed and getting an injection?”

As it has been revealed that the top star actor suspected of drug use is Lee Sun-kyun, a video of a shaman from the past explaining Lee Sun-gyun’s instigation is being reexamined.

While he announced on the 20th that he would “faithfully undergo a police investigation,” a YouTube video of Sajupuri predicting his drug charges three years ago is being reexamined.

In March 2020, the YouTube channel ‘Almighty TV’ featured a shaman explaining the fortunes of director Bong Joon-ho and actors Song Kang-ho and Lee Sun-kyun of the movie ‘Parasite’, which won four awards at the Academy Awards.

A shaman from Suwon who appeared in the video showed a serious expression after receiving information about Lee Seon-gyun’s instigation and tilted his head, saying, “Why can I see this person in handcuffs?”

He said, “Not by my own will, but by someone else. Why am I suddenly seeing this?” and the PD asked, “When?” In response, the shaman asked the production team, “This person won’t do anything like that (drugs), right?”

He then said, “I see him handcuffed and getting an injection,” and “I don’t know. I’ll tell you what my grandmother (God) tells me.” He said to Lee Seon-gyun, “You foolish bastard. Don’t forget all that you’ve done in one day. “Be careful because you can forget that reputation in the morning, the reputation you have built up, in one day,” he warned. At the same time, he added, “Just because you turn your head doesn’t mean it will work out. Be especially careful in October.”

According to the police on the 20th, the drug crime investigation unit of the Incheon Police Agency is investigating a total메이저놀이터 of eight people, including movie actor Seon-gyun Lee and third-generation conglomerate Mr. A, on charges of violating the law on drug management.

Mr. Lee and Mr. A are suspected of taking drugs at entertainment establishments in Gangnam, Seoul, along with aspiring celebrities and people involved in entertainment establishments.

Mr. A, a third-generation chaebol family member, is said to have caused controversy in the past by being sentenced to probation on charges of drug use with a famous singer-turned-actor. Lee Sun-kyun debuted in broadcast acting in

2001 with the MBC sitcom ‘Lovers’ . He was loved for his unique low-pitched voice and acting skills in romantic dramas such as MBC’s ‘The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince’ and ‘Pasta’. He also appeared in tvN’s ‘My Mister’ and the movie ‘ He solidified his position as a top star with roles such as ‘Parasite’.

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