“I thought it was a pictorial”… ‘Praise’ for the most beautiful female captain in history Pilot topic

A beautiful pilot who has been praised as the most메이저놀이터 beautiful captain in airline history is a hot topic in Thailand.

Local media recently introduced Captain Evelyn Sriavanda as follows.

According to local media, Evelyn, who is also an influencer with over 110,000 followers, receives enthusiastic responses from netizens every time she posts a photo of herself. She is currently a female captain working for Nok Air, a Thai airline


Evelyn, who is a former beauty pageant, is 170 cm tall and has fair skin and defined features.

He also runs a shopping mall.

Evelyn said, “To become a captain, you must have abundant knowledge and strong stamina,” and “I chose boxing to develop stamina to handle long-distance flights.”

He added, “One of the biggest advantages of boxing is hand and eye agility,” adding, “Not only does boxing improve your brain, but it also allows you to quickly understand situations and avoid obstacles around you.”

He emphasized that this is because it is the captain’s role to make the most accurate judgment when a problem occurs on the plane.

He said that in addition to boxing, he enjoys horseback riding.

Evelyn said that thanks to boxing and horseback riding, she was able to maintain a toned body and travel long distances comfortably.

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