“Take me with you” Mr. Kim Kyung-hyeon, who adopted Posun who sprinted at full speed

A video of an abandoned dog in Namhae sprinting after a man who petted it, and this man also deciding to adopt it out of pity, went viral online. The identity of this man, who gave the abandoned dog the name ‘Posuni’ and willingly accepted it as a family member, is Mr. Kim Kyung-hyeon, who runs the YouTube channel ‘Pokki and Posuni’.

The YouTube video of Posuni running at full speed after Mr. Kim, who is leaving in a car, received a lot of attention, with more than 1.9 million views as of the 20th. The ‘Pokki and Posoon’ YouTube channel was created by Kim to record memories of her dog Pokki and her soon-to-be-born daughter. It had only 198 subscribers, but after the Pokki adoption video became a huge hit, the number exceeded 50,000 subscribers. did.

A fateful meeting with Posuni

On the 19th, Mr. Kim shared details of the circumstances that led to his adoption of Posun to EDaily. It is said that the first day he met Posuni was on the 24th of last month, when Kim visited her best friend’s home, Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, to go camping and fishing. Mr. Kim said, “I went fishing in the South Sea with my friend’s family. “It was a quiet place, with not many houses and no convenience stores nearby,” he recalled. “I slept in a tent on the 23rd and woke up the next day, and Posooni appeared from somewhere, played with my friend’s son and daughter, and even showed me affection by wagging his tail.” .

Posooni likes people so much that Mr. Kim initially thought he was a village dog. However, he was seen picking up trash on the floor and trying to eat it, or bringing a discarded fishing hook to his mouth. He said that he was not afraid of cars and that he was worried because he kept blocking cars, so he approached Posuni and touched her for the first time.

Mr. Kim said, “As soon as I saw the tooth, it was in such a serious condition that I thought, ‘Oh, he must be living outside.’” “I felt so bad, but I promised myself not to give my heart away, so I packed up my things and poured bottled water on my friend’s hands to wash them. Posun hurriedly ran from below and drank it. “I was so upset,” he said.

However, since Mr. Kim was already raising Pokki, a retriever, at home, he did not readily make up his mind to bring Posuni. In the end토토사이트, Mr. Kim got into the car after putting away his fishing gear and was surprised to see Posun following the car through the side mirror. “I was afraid it would be dangerous to jump at full speed, so I said to his friend, ‘Let’s go a little faster,’” said Kim. However, Posoon continued to follow, and he ended up on the main road where he was filmed in the video. In the end, it was dangerous, so I put him in the car to take him back to where he was originally from. “On the way, I asked nearby residents if they knew about Posuni, but they said they didn’t. Some people even said, ‘Grow it and eat it,’ so I thought it shouldn’t be left here.”

After much deliberation, Kim called her wife. She said that after explaining the whole story to her wife, Kim asked if she would take Posuni to her house, and her wife happily said, ‘Bring her.’ Mr. Kim said, “I was actually very worried about taking Posooni with me. She said, “Posuni may have problems, such as not being able to integrate well with her daughter and the retriever,” and “But the reason I decided to bring Posuni was because Posuni’s ‘eyes’ seemed really kind. “It blew my mind the moment I laid eyes on her,” she said.

Fortunately, contrary to Mr. Kim’s worries, Posun quickly adapted to his new home. Mr. Kim said, “When Poki saw Pokki, she wasn’t scared or avoided her at all, but instead smelled her and waggled her tail,” adding, “On the contrary, Pokki avoided her. “She tends to feel uncomfortable when unfamiliar puppies give her a kiss,” she said with a laugh. She continued, “My daughter also really likes dogs. “As soon as she saw Posuni, she was like, ‘Oh~’ and she loved it,” she added.

Mr. Kim said, “Some of my acquaintances saw the video and said, ‘You did a great job bringing Posooni.’” He added, “The video was loved by many people, and I felt once again that there are so many people in the world who love animals.”

“If you want to raise a dog, it would be a good idea to adopt an abandoned dog.”

Mr. Kim continued, “I think it would actually be a burden to bring home an abandoned dog that you meet on the street. However, there are abandoned dog shelters and many people and organizations that take care of dogs for a while, so it is possible to take care of pitiful abandoned dogs like Posun. I think the opportunity to meet is really close. “If you want to raise a dog, it would be a good idea to adopt an abandoned dog,” he said. He also added, “If you are raising a dog, I hope that you will take full responsibility and raise it well.”

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