Jo Min’s swimsuit body revealed while in Vietnam… Supporters cheer, “It’s like a pictorial.”

On the 19th, Mr. Cho posted a photo of a hotel swimming pool in Phu Quoc, a resort in Vietnam, on Instagram and wrote, “Everything about the accommodation in Phu Quoc was perfect. I wanted to live here.” A hashtag (#) called ‘paid advertisement’ was also added. The post was a hotel advertisement.

Supporters poured in praise. “She토스카지노 looks like the (former) minister, so she’s long and pretty,” “a perfect model,” and “everyday life is a pictorial,” they said.

The next day, on the 20th, Mr. Cho expressed his position on Instagram, saying, “There is no change in my position,” in relation to submitting a written opinion to the court acknowledging the charges of corruption in the entrance exam.

He refuted this by saying, “Ahead of the trial, I would like to talk about the pouring of articles saying, ‘Considering sentencing, we will change our stance and admit everything.’”

Mr. Cho explained, “At the time of the prosecution’s investigation, 1. I stated that I was not involved in the process of creating the career proof materials, and 2. I admitted that I submitted the career proof materials even though I was aware that they did not exactly match my activities.”

He continued, “Afterwards, the prosecution did not indict number 1, but only charged number 2,” and added, “#2, which has already been acknowledged, is specified in the indictment, and I have acknowledged the indictment.”

In addition, he complained, “It is unfortunate that the written content preparing for the trial is leaked indiscriminately and even the content is distorted and reported.”

On the 13th, Mr. Cho submitted a written opinion to the court in charge acknowledging the charges and agreeing to the evidence. It was reported that the opinion argued that the prosecution’s indictment amounted to an abuse of public prosecution rights and that the indictment should be dismissed.

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