“Passengers are surprised”… The identity of the ‘Chinese subway station that removes makeup’

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post ( SCMP )굿모닝토토 reported on the 23rd that ahead of Halloween, some subway stations in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China are restricting passengers wearing costumes from boarding the subway .

According to SCMP , a video titled ‘Makeup Removing Subway Station’ has been circulating on Chinese social media recently.

The video shows a desk with face wash and tissues next to a large trash can. Also, around there, young women are removing their makeup using their smartphones as mirrors. SCMP

reported that the video quickly went viral and attracted attention with the hashtag ‘#Subway security asks passengers to remove makeup’ . Guangzhou subway authorities told local media outlet Xiaoxiangxinbo, “If a passenger wears scary makeup during Halloween activities, we can ask them to remove the makeup before entering the subway station.” Local subway authorities explain that this is because Halloween costumes can scare passengers. “This rule is being applied at a subway station near Guangzhou’s Chianglong Theme Park, which is hosting a Halloween festival,” the SCMP said. To this end, station staff at the station provide water, tissues, cotton swabs, and face wash to passengers so they can remove their makeup before boarding the subway. Chinese netizens showed mixed reactions to this. While some point out that it is an unnecessary measure, some say that Halloween costumes can cause inconvenience to other passengers riding the subway.

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