Yoo Byung-ho’s statement of reasons for not appearing at the Corruption Investigation Office was ghostwritten by an employee of the Board of Audit and Inspection

On the 22nd, Yoo Byeong-ho, Secretary-General of the Board of Audit and Inspection, who was notified of a summons by the High-ranking Public Officials Crime Investigation Office on charges of targeted audit (abuse of power) against former Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission Chairman Jeon Hyun-hee, is not responding to the summons by submitting a letter explaining his non-attendance written by the Board of Audit and Inspection’s legal affairs officer. It was known. Inside and outside the Board of Audit and Inspection, it is pointed out that it is inappropriate to mobilize staff from the Board of Audit and Inspection and delay time in a criminal case in which Secretary General Yoo Byung-ho was personally accused.

Secretary General Yoo has been requested to appear twice by the Corruption Investigation Office so far. However, he submitted a written explanation for his non-attendance to the Corruption Investigation짱구카지노 주소 Office, citing the government audit period as the reason.

However, although this statement of reasons was submitted in the name of Secretary-General Yoo, it is known that the actual writing was done by the legal affairs officer of the Board of Audit and Inspection. An official familiar with the internal affairs of the Board of Audit and Inspection told the Hankyoreh on this day, “When Secretary-General Yoo received the second summons notice, I understand that he had a legal officer from the Board of Audit and Inspection, who was a lawyer, write a letter explaining his absence,” adding, “There are concerns that Secretary-General Yoo may be privatizing public organizations. “There are complaints,” he said. The Legal Affairs Office does not provide assistance with criminal cases for individual members.

In response, a lawyer who used to be a judge said, “The suspect in this case is not the Board of Audit and Inspection organization but the individual Secretary General Yoo, and it is wrong for the Board of Audit and Inspection to do what an individual lawyer should do. “It can also be seen as Secretary-General Yoo’s abuse of power for ordering something that he had no obligation to do,” he said. The Corruption Investigation Office is also investigating the circumstances surrounding the writing of the statement of reasons for non-attendance and looking into whether there are any problems.

The opposition party is also calling for Secretary General Yoo to be recalled. Kwon Chil-seung, chief spokesperson of the Democratic Party of Korea, said in a briefing, “Is Secretary-General Yoo’s refusal to summon the Corruption Investigation Office a ‘bed soccer game’ waiting for the end of the High-ranking Official’s term of office in January of next year?” and “I cannot help but ask whether he received a text from his superiors telling him to hold on just a little longer.” “He said.

An official from the Board of Audit and Inspection’s Spokesperson’s Office told the Hankyoreh on the 22nd that “there is nothing we can confirm” regarding Secretary-General Yoo’s submission of a written explanation for his non-attendance. Secretary-General Yoo did not respond to calls and texts from the Hankyoreh.

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