“90,000 bags are sold per day” and yet they are in short supply… The sensation of ‘adult snacks’

It was revealed that ‘Ohing Nogari Chip Cheongyang Mayo Flavor’, which Lotte Well Food put on the market early last month, sold 4.5 million bags (based on 60g) within 50 days of its launch. It is evaluated that Nongshim pioneered the ‘adult snacks’ field with ‘Muktaekang Cheongyang Mayo Flavor’ introduced by Nongshim last June.

According to the industry on the 23rd, 4 bags of Nogari Chips are currently supplied to about 50,000 convenience stores across the country every day, but they are sold out quickly. At online second-hand stores such as Carrot and Lightning Market, products that are priced at 1,400 won are so popular that they sell for 2,500 to 3,500 won. Nongshim Muktaekang is also sold for around 3,000 won per bag.

That’s because supply depends. An official from the convenience store industry said, “Both products are supplied to stores nationwide in the same four bags per day, but stocks are sold out quickly. “It is difficult to determine superiority or inferiority,” he said. Industry experts say that ‘Asahi Super Dry Draft Beer’, which has been very popular since its launch last May, is also having a positive impact on the sales of the two products.

Nogari chips and muktaekkan are supplied to large supermarkets once every three or four days. On the 19th, 10 bags of Nogari 카지노사이트Chips were displayed at the Hapjeong-dong branch of Homeplus in Seoul. An employee of this company said, “We were lucky enough to receive 8 boxes 30 minutes ago and put them on display. These also arrived in just a few days, so it is usually difficult to get them.” On the Muktaekang display stand right next to it, there was a sign saying, ‘Purchase limit is 1 per person.’ On this day, muktaekkang was not available.

According to Lotte Well Food, an average of 90,000 bags of Nogari Chips have been sold per day since its launch on the 4th of last month. This is an achievement that exceeds expectations. The contract manufacturing company that releases the ‘Ohing’ series is operating the factory with all possible manpower and increasing production by 30% compared to usual, but there is a shortage of supplies.

An official from Lotte Well Food said, “We planned a seafood-flavored snack product from the beginning of the year after seeing people in their 20s and 30s flock to Seoul’s Euljiro Gamak (beer store, supermarket during the day, beer with basic snacks in the afternoon), and the response exceeded our expectations.” “We are getting it,” he said. Nongshim also released Muktaekang in June and has continued to produce shortages since last month, with production ranging from 300,000 to 600,000 bags per week.

There are predictions in the industry that Nogari Chips and Muktaekang will expand the base of the ‘adult snacks’ market. An official from a snack company said, “In an era of low birth rates, ‘non-sweet snacks’ suited to adults’ tastes have greater growth potential than those for children.” Seo Yong-gu, a professor of business administration at Sookmyung Women’s University, said, “It is impressive that both companies used the name ‘Cheongyang’ in the product name to give consumers a sense of stability and emphasize the spicy taste,” and pred

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