Special school principal threatened to “not just watch” when reporting misconduct… In the past, he parked in a handicapped space

It was revealed that the principal of a special굿모닝토토 도메인 school who received severe disciplinary action after being exposed for various misconduct attempted to silence the school staff and even threatened them. This is the same principal who was previously revealed by YTN

to have parked in a disabled parking space within the school . Reporter Seo-Hyeon Yoo reports. [Reporter] Last November, Mr. A, the principal of a private special school in Incheon, gathered about 40 faculty and staff members to the gymnasium. This happened when a report of misconduct, such as forcing a faculty member to serve meals or absenteeism without notice, led to an audit by the Office of Education. Mr. A told me not to report it outside the school even if there is an internal problem, [Mr. A / Principal of Incheon Special School: When people say something is unreasonable or that there is a problem, how about having it resolved internally?] If you shake the principal, the school will shake. He even mentions the Sewol Ferry disaster. [Mr. A / Principal of Incheon Special School: If I shake, you all shake too. Have you seen the Sewol Ferry? It’s just a moment. Please keep this in mind. Don’t be foolish.] Ms. A, who is the daughter of the chairman of the corporation that runs the school and holds virtually personnel authority as a director, does not hesitate to make threatening remarks, saying that she will not remain silent if she is reported. [Mr. A / Principal of Incheon Special School: Does everyone know that I am the executive director of C, a social welfare corporation? There are many people who don’t know. As A, the executive director of C, a social welfare corporation, and as A, the principal of Incheon 00 School, I will not just watch.] Mr. A, a non-disabled person, has been the principal of a special school that educates the disabled for 10 years, but he has habitually parked illegally in the disabled parking space on campus. One fact was also made known through a YTN report. Mr. A, who did not provide a clear position at the time, did not respond at all to requests for clarification on the circumstances of his remarks at the gym. [Mr. B / Incheon Special School Administrative Director: He has now been disciplined by the Office of Education and in the process… . He seems to be under some mental stress, so he is currently on sick leave today while attending a psychiatric hospital.] Mr. A is also known to have received a severe disciplinary action of one month of suspension after his misconduct was confirmed in an audit by the Office of Education, but he is still the principal. It is also maintained. There are growing voices within the school that want to focus solely on student education without being swayed by the principal’s display of power.

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