Death of Korean traveler in Vietnam… Mode Tour “Follow the weather guidelines”

An accident occurred in which four Korean tourists who were using a Vietnam travel package died while using an optional jeep tour. It is reported that the vehicle was swept away by water that suddenly rose due to recent heavy rain. Vietnamese authorities decided to suspend operations at the tourist site until safety is ensured.

The travel agency that sold the package is making every effort to resolve the incident, including setting up a local crisis response team and dispatching executives and employees from headquarters.

According to coverage on the 25th, Modetour formed a crisis response team with a total of 21 people in relation to an accident in Vietnam in which four Korean tourists died during a trip. Fifteen people, including Land Company, which receives tourists from travel agencies and acts as guides on their behalf, and Modetour officials stationed in Vietnam, responded immediately on the spot, and six executives and employees from the headquarters were dispatched.

Local media such as VN Express reported that four Korean tourists died while taking a jeep tour in a valley in Dalat Quran village, Lam Dong Province, southern Vietnam the day before. VN Express reported that the vehicle they were in overturned due to suddenly rising water.

Those who died were two men and two women. Among them, two were found about 4km away from the accident site, and the other two were found about 2km away.

They suffered an accident while using the jeep tour provided as an option in the Mode Tour travel package product. Of the three jeeps that left at the time of the accident, two returned safely, but the other one was swept away by the rapids and overturned.

This tour, which involves riding a jeep across streams and forests, is the most popular among Dalat travel package options.

Modetour has activated a crisis response team and is focusing on solving the accident and understanding the circumstances.

According to the local authorities’ explanation, heavy rain fell in this area for three days before the accident. However, local authorities explained that there was not much rainfall at the accident site. It is presumed that the water rose due to a large amount of rain flowing down from the upstream area of ​​the valley where the accident occurred.

VN Express reported that it was unusual for the water to rise to the point where a vehicle was swept away by the torrent in this area.

Modetour explained that at the time of the accident, it was not raining and the weather was normal. As customer safety is our top priority, it is explained that if the tour had not been possible due to bad weather, a full refund would have been issued after withdrawal.

On the morning and afternoon of the same day, Korean tourists using travel packages from three large domestic travel agencies had already taken or were planning to take a jeep tour.

The cause of the accident and who is responsible are expected to be identified through an investigation by Vietnamese authorities. Modetour is closely watching the results of the Vietnamese authorities’ investigation.

An official from Modetour said, “If there is a problem such as bad weather, (the tour) must be canceled and a full refund will be issued. We have guidelines for local partners (land companies).” .

However, Modetour did not disclose the specific contents of the crisis response manual, including the relevant guidelines.

It seems that the responsibility of the travel agency and the land company will be divided depending on whether they were aware that the tour could not be carried out.

An industry official familiar with the situation of local land companies said, “Because the structure is such that local land companies and guides only make a profit by selling options, it will not be easy to cancel option products that have already been decided.”

The tourist attraction suspended all business activities immediately after the accident. Lam Dong Province’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism requested GBQ , a local tourism operator, to reveal the cause of the accident and repair the damage. Business activities can resume if all requirements are met, including tourist safety, natural disaster and flood prevention, and compliance with other regulations.

VN Express attempted to contact스포츠토토the owner of the attraction but was unable to connect.

Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Trinh expressed his condolences and ordered the Lam Dong Province People’s Committee to identify the cause of the accident and those responsible and severely punish them.

Local police are investigating the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident and the jeep tour operator. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responding by dispatching a consul to the scene of the accident.

An official from Modetour said, “The companies offering the option are only using places that are properly registered and safely managed. Jeep tours should not be operated, but it was not an unreasonable operation,” and “The results of the (local) police investigation must be released.” “I think I can find out accurately,” he said.

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