“Finally, it’s available on the iPhone”… Immediately ranked #1 ‘Explosive response’

“ I need to transfer my number to SK Telecom because my iPhone calls are being recorded.” Mr. A, a KT

subscriber who uses an iPhone, was recently worried about replacing his smartphone. This is because SK Telecom is at a ‘crossroads’ as it introduces a service that allows call recording for domestic iPhone users. Mr. A said, “I have been receiving a discount for combining two family members for a long time, so I am worried about moving my number, but since they say calls are being recorded, I think I will have to change (telecommunications company).”

“A long-held wish has finally been resolved”… iPhone call recording now possible

Domestic users are welcoming the call recording function provided to iPhone users by SK Telecom through its mobile artificial intelligence ( AI ) service A. The biggest drawbacks of the iPhone are the ‘transportation card’, ‘call recording’, and ‘charging terminal’. Following the launch of Apple Pay in Korea last March, the iPhone 15 series was released on the 13th with a USB-C type charging terminal compatible with other manufacturers, and the number one mobile carrier in Korea supported the call recording function, which was considered a disadvantage of the iPhone. It appears that the discomfort has been greatly improved.

According to the industry on the 25th, SK Telecom added new functions such as call recording and content summary through the Adot application (app) update from the previous day. Subscribers of other telecommunication companies can download the Adot app, but use of the recording function is limited. Accordingly, SK Telecom’s iPhone users can now use the ‘call recording’ function for free through the app at no additional cost.

As a policy, Apple does not support call recording in any of its products. This is because ‘recording calls without the other party’s consent’ is illegal in 11 states, including California, where Apple’s headquarters is located. In Korea, you can use the call recording function on your iPhone through a separate app, but the downside is that it costs money and the call quality is poor, leading to low service satisfaction. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see salespeople, self-employed people, office workers, etc. who use the call function usefully switching from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Users who used to stick with the iPhone are responding enthusiastically, saying, “A long-held wish has finally been resolved” when call recording became possible with the recent A.Dot update.

An iPhone user in his 30s said, “Until now, when writing down a phone number or talking about something important in a noisy place, I would cover my ears and double-check the content, or run to move to a quiet room. Now, this inconvenience is gone and I can record. “I’m so glad I was able to do it,” he said. Another user added, “The feature I was most disappointed with when using the iPhone was ‘call recording,’ and I’m so glad that it is now available. There were many times when I almost switched to a Galaxy because of recording, but I think I made a good decision not to switch.”

With the enthusiastic response from users, the Adot app quickly rose to first place in the Apple App Store and has remained the top free app for two consecutive days as of this afternoon (as of 5 p.m.).

Adot app quickly rose to ‘1st place’… Will KT and LG UPL be introduced?

According to the information technology ( IT ) industry, the technical difficulties in the ‘call recording’ service are not known to be significant. An industry insider explained, “Although there are안전놀이터 minor differences in call quality and additional features, the technical difficulties in providing call recording in the app itself are not significant,” adding, “It is a feature that is already supported by other paid apps.”

SK Telecom’s Adot call recording service is provided in the form of a third- party app created by an external developer. Apple blocks call recording on the phone itself, but allows call recording services through regular third-party apps that can be downloaded from the App Store. Some apps, such as ‘Switch’, already provide call recording functions.

The reason why SK Telecom included a new function called ‘call recording’ in the app released in May of last year appears to be aimed at revitalizing the Adot service. Recently, the mobile communications industry has been actively fostering AI business as a next-generation growth engine as the existing communications industry has stagnated. Adot is considered a core service of SK Telecom. As it is an app that claims to be an AI personal assistant for users , it is interpreted that it was calculated to attract more subscribers by including an iPhone call recording function. In particular, given that the main iPhone user base is the 1020 generation, it has the advantage of securing potential future subscribers.

The company is accelerating the advancement of Adot service this year. In order to approach users in a friendly way, we made an equity investment worth 15 billion won in ‘Scatter Lab’, a startup that developed ‘Iruda’, in April, and began a major service upgrade in June. At the ‘Artificial Intelligence Pyramid Strategy’ press conference held last month, Yoo Young-sang, CEO of SK Telecom, said, “Adot currently has 70 points,” and “We will continue to update it so that it can become a 100-point service.”

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