“Yoo Ah-in pays 10 billion won in compensation”… Lee Sun-kyun, will he face a storm of penalties?

As actor Lee Sun-kyun was booked카지노사이트 on suspicion of drug use, the advertising industry is quickly taking steps to ‘lose money’, and there are predictions that Lee Sun-kyun may have to pay a large penalty to advertisers. In an interview with YTN

The News on the 24th, popular culture critic Kim Heon- sik said, “The first to react to the controversy surrounding Lee Sun-kyun was the advertising industry.” He added, “If advertising continues even after the controversy, it can cause various problems. Especially if he appears with his spouse. “There is also one advertisement,” he pointed out. He continued, “In the case of Yoo Ah-in, the amount was so large that it was said that the compensation amounted to 10 billion won. Advertising models are used for publicity throughout the contract period, so different guarantees apply to movies.” He added, “It is mandatory to include provisions on how to take action when given.” According to related industries, contracts usually include a clause stipulating that if an advertising model damages the advertiser’s image, a penalty amounting to two to three times the advertising fee will be paid. Critic Kim predicted, “Wouldn’t Lee Sun-kyun be in a situation where he has to pay compensation like Yoo Ah-in in the future?” and added, “In the case of Lee Sun-kyun, his image was so good that he had a lot of advertisements. I think the fallout will be very big and strong.” The advertising world is quickly taking action against Lee Sun-kyun. A telecommunications company stopped advertising educational content broadcasts featuring the couple Lee Sun-kyun and Jeon Hye-jin. Additionally, a health functional food company removed Lee Sun-kyun’s name from its advertising text and also made YouTube videos featuring Lee Sun-kyun private. In addition, other companies are said to be discussing discontinuing advertising and replacing models. On the 23rd, the Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit announced that it had booked Lee Seon-gyun on charges of marijuana and other charges under the Narcotics Management Act. The police suspect that Lee Sun-gyun has taken drugs several times at the home of Mr. A, the manager of an entertainment establishment in Seoul, since the beginning of this year. Lee Sun-kyun is suspected of having taken not only marijuana but also various types of drugs.

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