When will LGD invest in 8th generation OLED… will it catch up with Apple?

LG Display is preparing to produce 8.7th굿모닝토토 generation organic light emitting diode ( OLED ) for information technology ( IT ) products , but full-scale new investment is expected to be possible only next year. This is because the financial burden has expanded due to deficits that have continued for six consecutive quarters until the third quarter of this year. With Samsung Display already deciding to expand its new 8.7th generation OLED line in the first half of this year, LG Display is expected to begin ordering 8th generation equipment starting next year when sufficient funds are secured to narrow the technology gap with competitors. In the display industry, generation refers to the size of the ledger invested. To date, OLED panels mounted on tablets have been mainly produced based on the 6th generation ledger. However, if the ledger size is changed to the 8th generation, more panels can be produced at once and can support a variety of products such as monitors as well as tablets and laptops. This increases production capacity and improves profitability. Samsung Display, already a leading company in the IT OLED panel market , began investing to secure a new 8.7 generation (2290 mm x 2620 mm) OLED production line in April . A total of 4.1 trillion won is scheduled to be invested over three years with the goal of mass production in 2026. Based on the industry’s first investment in 8th generation OLED , Samsung Display plans to expand its dominance in the smartphone market to all small and medium-sized panels such as tablets, laptops, and monitors. Apple is behind display companies increasing their OLED production capacity for IT . As Apple prepares to install OLED panels in smartphones, tablets next year, and laptops after 2025, large demand is expected to arise in the field of small and medium-sized panels. Apple’s tablet ‘iPad’ series has annual sales of about 50 million units, which is less than the ‘iPhone’ which sells 200 million units. However, the display area is up to 5 times larger and the display materials used are also more than the area. . LG Display invested in the 6th generation OLED in 2021 , but did not announce an investment plan for the 8th generation. An official from LG Display said, “We have not yet officially disclosed any information related to investment in 8th generation IT OLED .” First of all, OLED panels for Apple tablets, which will be supplied starting next year, will be produced on the 6th generation line. A mass production system will be established by investing 3.3 trillion won by the end of March 2024. Limited financial capacity is cited as the reason why LG Display has not yet begun full-scale investment in 8th generation OLED . The company incurred large costs in the process of converting its business structure from a liquid crystal display ( LCD )-centered business structure to one centered on OLED . Recently, as demand for large TVs has declined, sales of large OLED panels , which the company focuses on, have also decreased. LG Display recorded an operating loss of 2.085 trillion won last year, and a loss of 2 trillion won is expected this year as well. However, LG Display was able to reduce the overall investment burden by being able to cooperate with Korea’s Sunic System, rather than Japan’s Canon Toki, in the development of the evaporator, a core equipment of the 8th generation OLED line for IT . Apple has been forcing suppliers to use Canon Doki products as deposition equipment for OLED displays supplied to its products, but there was a problem in that the price of Canon Doki deposition machines was expensive, exceeding 1 trillion won based on a monthly production capacity of 15,000 sheets . If LG Display develops an 8th generation evaporator with Sunic System, the price is expected to decrease by half. Even if LG Display begins investing in its 8th generation OLED production line, it is about a year later than Samsung Display. There is a possibility that the first-mover effect will be lower compared to Samsung Display, which has made preemptive investments. However , the industry believes that Apple will be able to establish a mass production system without difficulty by 2026, when it replaces its tablet and laptop panels with OLED . An official in the domestic display industry said, ” LG Display will respond to demand from Apple by utilizing the 6th generation line, which will begin operation next year,” and added, “In the mid to long term, investment capacity will be secured for the 8th generation as there is time before full-scale demand arises.” “We expect to start investing at a time when negotiations with customers become visible,” he said.

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