Jeon Cheong-jo’s ‘I am trustworthy~’ KakaoTalk spreads as a meme… Applied in advertising, securities, and media, it becomes a hot topic

A KakaoTalk message left by Jeon Cheong-jo메이저놀이터, who was arrested on charges of stalking while trying to marry former national fencing player Nam Hyun-hee, is becoming a hot topic.

This phrase, known from the JTBC report , is being used and spread in various ways as a meme ( internet buzzword) online . Mr. Jeon said he was a Korean-American and a third-generation chaebol and sent a KakaoTalk message mixed with English words to businessman A, but the content has been modified and is being spread. In a JTBC

report on the 26th , the contents of the KakaoTalk message sent by Mr. Jeon to Mr. A, a businessman whom he met while recommending investment, were revealed. Mr. Jeon sent a KakaoTalk message asking to meet Mr. A, but when the appointment did not come true, he said, ‘ Okay.. Then, I’ll go hang out next time .’ / I asked my wife if I could come and she said ok so I asked. But if I’m with your friend , I am trustworthy~ ‘ he sent. Regarding this KakaoTalk phrase, there are many analyzes that Mr. Jeon was of Korean descent in the United States and was not fluent in Korean, so he deliberately wrote it to make it look like he mixed it with English. Some point out that the correct spelling is ‘I am trustworthy~’. Initially, this phrase began to spread as Mr. Jeon’s behavior became a hot topic on the Internet. In various communities and comments, this entire KakaoTalk phrase or several phrases based on ‘I am trustworthy~’ are trending. Afterwards, in the fashion-sensitive advertising industry, WeMakePrice used the phrases ‘I am special price~’ and ‘there is no next time ’ and used these phrases to sell special price toilet paper on Super Today. Subsequently, in the securities industry, an analyst from Korea Investment & Securities published an analysis report on Hyundai Mobis and used the title of the report, “I am trusting Hyundai Mobis.” In media articles and some entertainment articles, titles such as ‘I am ~~ ok’ and ‘Next time ~~’ were also used.

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