“Shocked by the ‘3 won’ stamped on my bank account”… A housewife in her 30s who increased her income thousands of times in 3 years

When you say you make money by writing, most people might think that you make money by playing. But writing every day is harder than you think. The experience of writing a diary during vacation was probably my first memory of writing. It is not that easy to consistently record your thoughts and daily life. A man in his 30s did not stop doing that. He posted records of his financial studies and his own stories every day. Regardless of the work received from local governments, I traveled all over the country. This is the story of Kim Min-ji (38), a blogger specializing in financial technology who was visited by 39 million people in three years.

Q. _ Please introduce yourself first.
“This is Minji Kim (38), who runs the blog ‘Jane in Finance.’ I originally worked as a social worker for over 15 years. Then, when I got married, I quit my stable job. I found a new job and got re-employed as a contract worker. . But the salary was too low. I was wondering if there was a way to make more money than I did now, and I learned about people making money through blogging at a financial investment cafe. From then on, I also started writing a series of small articles. Currently. has been working as a blogger, writer, social media marketing instructor, and personal branding coach for 5 years. (Laughs)

Q. How did you first get started?
“At first, it was just a personal space. Even before I got married, I liked plays and musicals, so I wrote reviews about them. I never thought about getting sponsorship through my blog or using it as a side job. As I became interested in financial investment, I changed the whole concept of my blog. . As I continued to publish articles on financial technology that I was interested in, I was selected as an economic and business influencer. Now, I am dealing with professional economic information. I also published a book containing the articles and experiences accumulated over the past 3 years. Currently, I am expanding into lectures and coaching. That’s it.”

Q. _ Please introduce your daily routine.
“My workplace is my home. After preparing breakfast for my husband and child and taking them to school, I start working in earnest after 9 o’clock. Usually, until 4 p.m., I write blog posts, run group chat rooms, run cafes, and do one-on-one coaching. I’m busy with classes and household chores. After 9 p.m., I do group coaching, online lectures, and writing columns. I try to stick to working 5 days a week. For freelancers, relationships with clients are important. Mainly through my blog. Inquiries come via email, and sometimes I make suggestions first. Once a relationship is established, the know-how is to have work come in periodically.”

Q. _ Were there any difficulties in the beginning?
“When I was a beginner, I did everything that came my way. I even received a proposal asking me to introduce tourist attractions in a local government that is 3 hours away from my house. I went on a food tour and toured all the travel destinations, but later I found out that my expenses were much higher than my income. Well, from then on, I thought about how to work efficiently. Enjoying my job is important, but it was also important to plan how to use what I saw and heard. The key is to extract maximum efficiency from one report. For example

. For example, if you are asked to introduce a festival in a certain region, write a simple introduction to the festival once, and then change the composition of the post, such as a 2-day and 1 night travel course, △introduction of places worth visiting, and △introduction of individual restaurants or tourist attractions. “I can create 4 to 5 posts with one report.”

Q. _ How much monthly sales do you generate?
“I think it’s around 8 to 10 million won per month. Although it fluctuates every month, I earn a steady income of over 8 million won per month.”

Q. _ How much did the initial cost cost?
“There was almost nothing. I didn’t take any separate lectures or buy books. I just kept writing, gained experience and know-how, and immediately put it to use in my work. By the way, I spent about 150,000 won on the blog skin design. (Laughs) “I bought a separate camera, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Anyone with a smartphone can easily create content for a blog. Don’t invest too much from the beginning.”

Q. _ How long did it take to make a net profit?
“I started making money the month after I started blogging. As my first income, I had ‘3 won from Naver advertising’ in my bank account. (Laughs) You might think it’s a small amount, but it was so amazing at first. That 3 won became 300,000 won, and then 300 won. It became 10,000 won, then 10 million won. About 6 months after starting the blog, my net profit became 500,000 won. As I became an influencer, my income increased explosively. The important thing is how professionally I can consistently write content through my blog. That’s the key.”

Q. _ When did you start receiving advertisements?
“Activity seems to be important. There is no requirement for the number of visitors per day or how many neighbors you have. Even when the number of visitors was low in the beginning, small collaborations such as local restaurant experience groups came in. However, in order to consistently make money through blogging, advertisers need to advertise. You need to lay the foundation so that you want to do it. In addition to branding, the more visitors and neighbors you have per day, and the better your top exposure, the greater the possibility and amount of money you will receive from advertising.”

Q. _ Have you ever received a call asking you to sell your blog?
“I received a lot of calls. In the beginning, they offered offers ranging from a few million won to 30 million won as I became famous after being selected as the blog of the month. But I had no intention of selling it. Even if I use other platforms such as YouTube, a blog is a space where I can put my thoughts. .”

Q. _ Are there any memorable episodes?
“After publishing my book, I have been giving lectures all over the country. One person said he was a long-time fan of mine and asked for my autograph. He took a picture with me and said something to me. He said he felt like he had found hope for living again after reading my book. Right away. “It won’t change much, but after reading this book, I said thank you for making me decide to write at least one word on my blog. It resonated with me a lot. It’s a memory that gave me confidence in the path I’m taking.”

Q. _ What do you recommend to those dreaming of a second life?
“Many of my blog’s subscribers are people in their 50s or older. They may be curious about investments and finances, but I think it’s because they read motivational posts that even beginners can do. My mother, who is over 60 years old, also started investing in stocks through me. I am learning to earn pocket money every day and discover small joys. I think it is important to challenge myself to do things I can enjoy in life even if I do not have to write on a blog. Among those who attended the lecture, my husband’s hobby is hiking. He said that it would be a waste to just look at the photos he had taken. I told him to write down the story of his trip to the mountain on a blog right away. △What course he took, △How many hours it took, and △What he brought with him. That record is the beginning. “I would like to tell you not to be difficult and to record your daily life.”

Q. _ What was the reaction of people around you?
“In fact, only close friends and family know what굿모닝토토 주소 I do. It’s awkward to say that I earn more than an office worker’s salary through blogging. My family knows that I don’t make money easily, but that I work harder and more sincerely than anyone else. What I do “He silently watches over me and praises me when I’m frustrated, and I think he’s been working without wavering ever since.”

Q. _ Is there anything that has had an impact on a person’s life?
“Before I started blogging, my monthly salary was 1.5 million won. I was living in a house on monthly rent. My husband and I had so little money that we were putting off having children. After blogging, I changed 180 degrees. I escaped monthly rent for the first time in my life. I remember the time when I did it. After 3 years, I bought my first house, and after 7 years of marriage, I had my first child. Stability came to my life. I couldn’t even imagine that blogging, which I started as a side job due to not having enough money, became something like this for me. It gave me a comfortable life and gave me the foundation to live a wonderful life as a mother and person. (Laughs) “

Q. Please give me one last word.
“When you see people who are successful, they say they were lucky. Even if there is such luck, I think it is the result of tremendous effort. I also started out with luck, but later I wrote day and night and thanked the subscribers who read my articles. Keeping the belief in writing good, helpful articles could lead to success. A small opportunity opened the door for an ordinary housewife to become a writer, a lecturer, and a consultant. Other people made money through blogs. After seeing the article, I didn’t just pass it by, but I decided, “I should try it too,” and took action. It became the driving force in my life. I didn’t rely solely on a monthly salary that made money as soon as I took a breath. If you don’t do anything, nothing happens. If you don’t do anything, nothing happens. Read this article “I hope my experience can be a little motivation for you.”

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