The car next to me is a police car?… A patrol car silently lowering its speed

At around 2:30 pm on the 26th, a road in Majeon-dong, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do.

As soon as Lieutenant Lee Sang-jun of the Gyeonggi Northern Police Agency’s secret patrol team discovered the Bentley vehicle that violated the traffic signal, he followed it with the siren blaring and stopped it on the shoulder of the road.

The Bentley driver, who was quite embarrassed by Inspector Lee’s order to present his ID, asked back, “Is this a police car?” and “Isn’t it an illegal vehicle?”

As the traffic light was red and there was no enforcement camera in sight, this driver just passed by and was caught by an undercover patrol car waiting for a signal in the next lane.

The undercover patrol car that the reporter was riding in looks like a regular vehicle on the outside, but when it detects a vehicle violating traffic laws, its lights turn on and it transforms into a patrol car.

Cars that are unaware of this and disrupt road order by speeding and violating traffic lights are often caught by secret patrol cars.

Personal mobility devices ( PM ) such as electric kickboards were no exception.

At around 3:20 p.m., an electric kickboard짱구카지노 driver who was running on the road at high speed without a helmet was caught by a secret patrol car and fined 20,000 won for not wearing a safety helmet under Article 50 (3) of the Road Traffic Act.

Cars driving over the speed limit on roads without speed cameras were caught in real time by a video surveillance device installed inside a secret patrol car.

Starting in April 2021, the Gyeonggi Northern Police Agency’s traffic safety division has deployed three undercover patrol cars, focusing on urban areas with many fatal accidents and traffic complaints. As of September this year, a total of 35,168 cases were cracked down, with a monthly average of 1,170 cases.

The crackdown is not being excessive due to a focus on performance. The goal is to create a safe traffic culture by encouraging drivers to voluntarily comply with the law.

On this day, a motorcycle that violated a red light on a road in Uijeongbu City spotted an undercover patrol car and quickly ran away, but the undercover patrol car did not chase the motorcycle. This was because trying too hard could cause a bigger accident on the road.

Sergeant Lee Chang-gyu of the secret patrol team said, “Cars that violate the law will eventually be caught and fined more because we use black boxes and traffic jams,” and asked, “When a police officer gives a stop order, do not run away and stop for safety.” did.

In the future, the Gyeonggi Northern Police Agency’s secret patrol team plans to separately manage traffic accident-prone areas and risk factors such as two-wheeled vehicles and trucks.

A police official said, “Even in places where there are no traffic police or unmanned enforcement equipment, if people voluntarily follow traffic laws with the idea that they can be cracked down on if they violate the laws at any time, a safe traffic culture can be created for everyone.”

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