‘Luxury product certification’ Nam Hyun-hee, suspected of conspiring to commit fraud by Jeon Cheong-jo… “I didn’t want it”

Former national team fencer Nam Hyun-hee (42) is accusing Jeon Cheong-jo (27), 15 years younger than her, of fraud, whom she introduced as her remarriage partner. Amid continued accusations, the luxury brand gifts and luxury cars that Nam Hyun-hee received from Jeon Cheong-jo were “unwanted.” He went on to explain, “It is.”

In an interview released by Channel A on the 29th, Nam Hyun-hee said, “They gave me all kinds of gifts even though I didn’t want them, and even though I expressed that I didn’t want to receive them, they kept pushing me. So in the end, I ended up receiving them,” and said that it was Jeon Cheong-jo’s one-sided gift offensive. insisted.

He also said, “There was a time when I didn’t touch a luxury item for a day or two,” and “Then, as each day passed, I felt disappointed and wondered why I didn’t open the luxury product.”

Nam Hyun-hee had previously ‘certified’ 메이저놀이터on her Instagram account that she had been gifted a bag from a luxury brand, an expensive wireless headset, and a luxury car, while she had been referring to the former Cheongjo’s nickname, ‘Jojo’.

In February of this year, she posted a photo of herself tying up at the Paradise City Grand Deluxe Pool Villa, where the room costs 12 million won per night. Regarding the photo, Nam Hyun-hee added the caption, ‘Jjo, fencing today too.’ Last August, she posted a photo of the key and interior of a Bentley Bentayga on her Instagram story and wrote, ” Thank you jojo .” The Bentley Bentai model is known to be priced at around 300 million won.In addition, the medium-sized Dior Tzuuch bag is known to be priced around 5 million won, and the Dior Oblique Safari messenger bag is known to be priced around 3 million won. The wireless headset Bang & Olufsen Beoplay has a list price of 700,000 won.

Controversy continues as there are suspicions that the expensive items that Jeon Cheong-jo gifted to Nam Hyeon-hee were purchased with the proceeds of crime. Kim Min-seok, a member of the Gangseo-gu district in Seoul who accused Jeon Cheong-jo of fraud and attempted fraud, argued, “The state should preserve all the items purchased from Nam Hyun-hee with the proceeds of the crime, and if the crime is later confirmed, all the items should be returned to the victims.”

In addition, “Nam Hyun-hee received a luxury bag as a gift from Jeon Cheong-jo,” and “The relationship appears to be so deep that Jeon Cheong-jo told the victims (who asked for their investment money back), ‘You can ask Nam Hyun-hee.’” They said, “We are investigating suspicions of Mr. Nam’s collusion.” A complaint was filed with the police to investigate Nam Hyun-hee’s suspicions of collusion, saying it had to be done.

It is known that the police will look into suspicions, including complaints and complaints related to Jeon Cheong-jo, as well as complaints calling for an investigation into Nam Hyun-hee.

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