Manfrotto 679B Three Section Monopod Review

The Manfrotto 679B is a 3-section monopod.

Now, normally, this site is all about tripods and this only has one leg, so what gives?

Well, last year I took a last minute trip from Moscow to Istanbul, Italy and I didn’t have time to pack a tripod because we were just doing carry-on, and that’s when I wished I had a monopod with my gear.

We were shooting inside the Hagia Sofia church and it was jam-packed with people, which meant even if I had brought a tripod, I wouldn’t have realistically been able to use it. ┬áBut, a monopod would have been perfect.

And, a monopod also would have worked well for the night shots we were taking around the Blue Mosque area.

This is a very rugged and solid monopod and has quick-action lever locks, which is a nice touch because you can be up and shooting or filming in seconds.

Now, you will need a tripod head with this, but if you already have a quality tripod, then chances are, you’ll be able to use the existing tripod head you already have.

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