Ravelli APGL4 Tripod Review

The Ravelli APGL4 Tripod is a low-cost tripod that has a lot of features, especially for a tripod (at this price point) that will support a DSLR camera.

Ravelli APGL4 Tripod with Pistol Grip Head

This tripod comes with a pistol grip head which allows you to quickly change the angle or position of your DSLR camera. Pistol grips are great if you are photographing people or subjects that are moving between shots.

You can change the pistol grip head out if you prefer to use a ball head or a gear head on your tripod.

The head does come with a quick release camera plate, which allows you to leave the plate on the bottom of your camera so you can remove it from the camera, shoot by hand and then quickly click it back into the tripod. This is a great feature and one that I use all the time with my DSLR to save time and have a lot of flexibility.

Ravelli APGL4 Tripod - Good if You Are On a Budget

This is by no means a super high-end DSLR tripod, but it is a decent tripod if you are on a budget and you need a tripod that will work for you right now. You can always upgrade in the future if you think you need a tripod with more features or lighter weight (like the Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 for example).

The tripod is made of aluminum and is sturdy, which you will know is a very important feature if you have ever used a cheap tripod like those you find at discount department stores.

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That's it for our review of the Ravelli APGL4 tripod.

Daouane - April 17, 2012

this is very useful article for many users. thanks for putting across these details in this article.

Rahmat - May 1, 2012

Your video is very helpful to some viewers who are into budget of getting a CHEAP Tripod. Actually, I got the same model Dolica AX620 last month too (March 2012). YES it was really a BEST BUY, and I never regret on getting one. This Dolica Tripod may not be as heavy duty as to some professional tripods, but looking into this .. this looks professional for an entry level photograhers.

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