3 Things To Consider When Buying a Tripod for Your DSLR

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stephen canares - November 2, 2013

Thanks for putting this up together

    Tripod for DSLR - May 8, 2014

    You’re welcome Stephen – glad you enjoyed it.

Nasim Imtiaz Islam - May 8, 2014

i am researching Mefoto Globetrotter thats how i bumped into your resource

Chessman - July 28, 2014

Thanks for this help.

    Tripod for DSLR - December 18, 2014

    You’re welcome!

Rick Johnson - January 28, 2016

Is a Manfrotto MA700RC2K video head on a MeFrotto A1350Q1 a good choice if using a Panasonic HC -V750 HD movie camera?

    Tripod for DSLR - June 5, 2016

    I haven’t tried it, but the MA700RC2k (Manfrotto’s 700RC2) should work fine with that movie camera (it’s light weight).

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