Davis & Sanford PROVISTA7518XB Review: Provista Tripod with FM18 Head

Let’s dive into our PROVISTA7518XB review

The Davis and Sanford PROVISTA7518XB tripod and the FM18 head are designed for DSLR videographers who want a stable tripod that will eliminate camera shake but also smoothly pan and tilt.

ProVista7518XB ReviewThis tripod isn’t aimed at professional video users who lug around huge 3-sensor cameras (like your local news crew), but it’s a good video tripod for DSLR video enthusiasts who want a tripod that’s specifically made for video.

Thankfully, Davis and Sanford have made it possible to get clean, smooth video from your DSLR without spending an arm and a leg to buy this tripod.

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PROVISTA7518XB Review: Is This Tripod Right for You?

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The PROVISTA7518XB is built for videographers or DSLR video enthusiasts who want to use their DSLR to shoot video. It’s not intended for super-heavy video cameras due to the 18 pound weight limit.

Video tripods can get expensive in a hurry and this tripod is priced affordably, which means it’s sturdy and stable but it’s not built like a tank for video professionals who have huge video cameras (think about your local news team).

If you want an affordable DSLR video tripod and your gear weighs under 18 pounds, then the PROVISTA 7518XB is definitely a good option for you.

PROVISTA7518XB Review: DSLR Tripod Features

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Here are the specs for the PROVISTA7518XB:

  • Heavy duty double strut 3-section tripod
  • Fluid head this offers stability and durability
  • 75mm claw ball leveler w/ 3/8″-16″ stud prevents camera vibration for rock solid set ups.
  • Double-strut top leg section for extra stability consists of two section, 3/4″ diameter and one section 1-1/4″ diameter tubing and features self-aligning metal quick-flip leg locks offer fast set up.
  • A mid level spreader is included for adding additional support.
  • Rubber feet grab any surface
  • Non-glare black anodized finish gives this tripod a classic professional look
  • High-quality, padded carrying bag plus extra quick release head plate are included.

PROVISTA7518XB Review: DSLR Tripod Specs

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Here are the main specs for this video tripod:

  • Maximum Height: 64″
  • Maximum Load: 18 lbs. (but you’d be smart to keep it at 15 lbs or lower)
  • Minimum Height: 28″
  • Weight: 10 lbs. 3 oz.

Customer Reviews

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“I would highly recommend this tripod to any videographer.” – Clay Cope (read more here: PROVISTA7518XB Review)”

“The fluid head makes for some extremely smooth pans/camera movements.” – James Gallagher (read more here: PROVISTA7518XB Review)”

Amazon Rating: 4/5 Stars

Pros & Cons

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PROVISTA7518XB prosPros:

  • The ball claw setup means you won’t have to spend much time fooling around with the legs to level your camera (many times you won’t have to adjust them at all).
  • The PROVISTA7518XB price is right for an entry-level DSLR video tripod
  • Customers rate the PROVISTA7518XB tripod highly
  • The FM18 head is a great head and most of the reviewers commented on how much they enjoy it

PROVISTA7518XB consCons:

  • This isn’t the tripod for you if you’re a professional videographer with a 3-CCD video camera that weighs over 18 pounds.  I’d suggest staying at or under 15 pounds.
  • The bag that is included isn’t bulletproof so handle it gently
  • The leg locks may feel tight when you get your tripod (you can loosen them up with an allen wrench).

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Features Overview:

Davis & Sanford PROVISTA7518XB Provista Tripod Review

That’s it for our PROVISTA7518XB review – check out other tripods for DSLR video.

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